Sunday, 22 October 2017

My Free E-Book: I'm in the Circus

I'm in the Circus is as much about myself as it is about you. It's as much about my struggles as it is about your own. And i want you to have it.

I didn't tell too many people I was working on this, and honestly am not even sure how many people I'd like to read it. But, it's done. And I believe in it.

The few people I told about it asked why I made it free.

I made it free because it's for you, and I want you to have it. I want you to read it. It's heart breakingly and painstakingly for you. I want no barriers, especially not money.

So please, download it and in your spare time give it a read. If you're so compelled, review it.

Whatever you like.

I'm in the Circus, and well, so are you.


And i hope you find your way out.

Download FREE: 

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It's also worth stating, it's also available on Amazon, however it's not free there.  They don't allow for free e-books on Kindle. I made it as low as possible so it's only listed at $0.79