Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Adulthood & Sober Elation.

The lights glow with a dimmer beauty when you've grown enough to appreciate them. As a newly made adult, three months fresh from the factory producing eighteen year olds, I think I've learned quite a bit about what it means to be at this crossroads in life. Adulthood is not an age, being on the continuum of bills, insurance, jobs and soccer mom-ming your way through life. It's not about maturing to a point where you no longer want a bounce house in your room. It's about finally being at the place in life where you can get that bounce house in your room.

Yesterday, I picked up the keys to my new apartment. As my friends and I stood in our new apartment near the city, we looked out at the view from the window at the vast expanse of dark land with only faint dots of orange street lights illuminating the night. I've never lived in an apartment, to the best of my memories, but I have lived on a hill so I am no stranger to the breathtaking nature of a good view.

Something about the night is so enticing. The stillness, along with it's nitty gritty dirty hustles calls you into it. The way you can feel the city has paused for a breather after a long run.We then decided to walk around the town. The streets had a comforting, yet eerie orange glow that made us giddy with the pleasure of new found freedom. We laughed all down the street, wondering how three girls who still giggle as much as we do have managed to get their own apartment. We're adults, that's how. Not because we've somehow managed to unlock the answers to everything, but because we now have the freedom to fully profess our short comings and idiosyncrasies. We are free to live on our own, go out on our own and do the ridiculous things we've only been able to see on TV.

Youth is a beautiful time of your life as it's a necessary section of your life. But, I can assure you adulthood isn't far off. Many always say they wish to be a kid again, and maybe I'll live to regret these words but as of right now, I do not miss that time. I'm very content with freely and fully outing myself as an adult. The responsibilities and stresses are on step closer to the freedom all people so desperately crave. Adulthood doesn't stop you from kicking up the snow, it merely stops older people from reprimanding you so much for it.

When we got back we decided to make food. Sitting in the middle of our unfurnished living room eating Bagel Bites at 12:57 in the morning, felt so surreal. Almost incorrect. Right in all the wrong ways, I suppose. Three people who still find Spongebob as entertaining as we all completely and justifiably do moved out of home. We then decided Bagel bites weren't enough, and wanted cereal. With no bowls or spoons available we whipped out the Ziploc bags, poured milk and Krave Cereal inside and got to snacking over the sink. We really shouldn't have this kind of responsibility, but here we are.

We then went to the smallest bedroom of our three bedroom place, and lay on the cushions from an old pull out mattress, we'd received as kind donations from our terrified families. So impossibly content with life, and the absurdity of it all allowed for pure madness to ensue. We laughed, pretended to swim on the cushions and made vagina jokes as one does. Hyperactivity fuelled by the sugary midnight snacks sums up our first night spent in our new home....being adults. Call me immature, or a poser of an adult if you will but I wouldn't change a moment of it for the world.

You'd think the madness of the night was fuelled by drunken shenanigans, but it wasn't. It was pure sober elations and adulthood.


  1. I can only hope that I will have these experiences once I am grown, but for now I am still enjoying childhood. Your writing is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Enjoy these times and making of memories : )

    Faded Windmills

  3. Gotta love Krave cereal! Your writing is oh so lovely.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  4. you are wonderful with writing, i thoroughly enjoy the way you turn your experiences into great things to share with us. I only home that i can be able to enjoy these same things and translate them as well as you do.
    i feel the same thing. being 17 (or even when i was 16) i didn't feel like i'd reached as certain spot, ok, i'm here. i was still the same person i was, only a year older. It isn't an age that defines me. i never feel mature enough for my age, but at the same time, i feel so old.
    i don't know, maybe i've expanded on your thoughts a bit more than what you were actually trying to get across.
    anyway, a late happy birthday to you :)


  5. I remember that feeling. Getting the keys and all of the newness.

  6. Congratulations on your new apartment !
    It's a big step in your life and I wish all the best for your future endeavours


  7. Congratulations Leah! Such an exciting time for you :)
    I really like the key photography. There is just something about keys that says "You are responsible now!" haha


  8. Oh man you have your own apartment? I am way super jealous! Enjoy this amazing chapter of your life lovely

  9. Great blog ;)

  10. Beautiful writing Leah, I felt like I was actually there. :) Congratulations!
    This month's featured drawing.
    Olive Needs Popeye

  11. Congratulations buddy! I know how much you wanted this and now that you have it remember to soak up every minute of it. Can't wait to see the place in the summer :)

  12. I can't wait to be an "adult"! This is exactly how I view adulthood, oh, and congrats on the apartment, that's super exciting!!!!
    the Earth through a Lens