Thursday, 20 March 2014

Maybe risking it is a good idea...

The greater the risk, the greater the outcome.

As mundane as the beginning of a story can get, recently I was on the phone with my mum. I was venting my everlasting frustrations at her about the school system, and how underwhelmed I've been feeling about university life.
Recently, and maybe this is my annoyance just resurfacing, I've felt a lot of the assignments I've been getting are just ...stupid. For lack of a better word they're just dumb as hell, and I feel like I'm doing them all for nothing.

Literally using my time, energy, paper and ink on an assignment for NOTHING but a mark. Also the assignments have just been so vague, I'm wondering if my professors are becoming lazy to write properly thought out assignments. In spite of all this, my Film professor gave us an essay to do, which was actually a proper assignment with clear instructions. I wrote it and sent to my mom for a once over.
I'm actually quite proud of it, and I haven't been superbly proud with any assignment I've done thus far in my university career. Let's just say I entitled it "Elephants & Psychos."
Quite pleased with that title, thus quite pleased with my work.

A part of the assignment was comparing a film called Elephant by Gus Van Sant to his version of the popular thriller Psycho. My mom suggested I added to the essay that the title Elephant has something to do with the saying "The elephant in the room". I'd thought about it, as it made sense, but chose not to include it for fear of it being wrong. I told her this.

"The thing about having all these vague assignments, Leah, is that there is really no wrong answer. You've got to let go of that fear of being wrong. The greater the risk, the greater the outcome."

Though she was only talking about an assignment what she said got my brain firing at a million miles per hour. The greater the risk, the greater the outcome. There are so many, and I do mean SO MANY things I've held myself back from saying or doing out of fear. A crippling fear. A fear that literally holds me back from saying things, as if I can't speak. Stops me from doing things as if I physically can't. Because the fear does tell me I can't, or at least I shouldn't because the outcome will not be worth that risk.

I guess the saying in and of it self is a metaphor for life. Life has no instructions. It is, for all intents and purposes, a vague poorly thought out assignment for us to do. That's simultaneously the difficulty and beauty in it. But just as including a saying in my essay that I'm not sure of could be the difference between an A and a B, taking risks in life and sometimes letting life just be is what will make it worth our while.

I know there a lot of people out there thinking the same things. People who are just too scared to walk the path less travelled by.

Walk it. Walk it bravely.

Hell, walk it without shoes, you fearless son of a gun.

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  1. I love reading your blog because your writing is so sophisticated oh my goodness. LOL. I'm pretty sure I said that already...
    But yeah I totally agree with you! Lately my assignments have been really pointless ESPECIALLY from English!
    It's so hard to impress my English Instructor because her questions are so convoluted that it makes you think your answer is correct but it's actually not...
    And must I say your mom gives great advice? That's some deep nuggets of wisdom. (I don't know how to put it in better words hahaha).


  2. What a nice post. Your blog is so sweet and genuine. You've got a new follower. :)

  3. Great post, I especially like the ending, haha :)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog & for following! I appreciate it, in fact I just followed you back :D

    lots of love, Dana Carmella
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

  4. this is such a nice post! I love the way you write - I study journalism so I pay attention to that haha. And I totally know what you mean, I've been feeling the same for a while...

    have a great Sunday!

  5. Love your blog, you're sophisticated style is outstanding! Thank you for recently commenting on my post, i'm glad you appreciated it as it was quite personal - I'll be sure to follow (i'd love for you to do the same!) and enjoy more of your content,you're blog is lovely!
    Beth x

  6. You write the loveliest posts :) Love reading your blog honey.
    Have you seen my USA Fashion & Beauty Haul at ?

    Stay beautiful doll XOXO

  7. Amen! I have avoided so many things because of a fear of failure, but when I do finally get over myself and take that leap, that risk, it is all worth it and the outcomes are great!

    Samantha Heather

  8. This is so true! ah! Not only about some university assignments being so pointless, I sometimes feel like I am just at Uni to waste time.
    But what your mum said about being wrong and taking the risk!
    I feel like this is exactly what I need to read today... I have been thinking so much lately about the direction of my life and if it is worth taking the risks to do things I really love or to stick with what is easy. And I think the answer was always going to be that I have to take a risk!
    This was really well written and explored :) xx

  9. It's crazy how we all live at different points of the world but can have the same thoughts at the same moments. >.< I was recently thinking about the same thing! haha. What's life without a little risk every now and again? Hopefully, i'll be a bit more risky and become "that fearless daughter of a gun" o.O I like reading your blog. :D
    Olive Needs Popeye

  10. Thanks for the comment on my blog, you want to follow each other? Btw you have a lovely blog. :-D

    Love Malene ♥

  11. Your mum is a wise lady!!!!

    Good luck in your assignments =)

    Corinne x

  12. Amazing post
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  13. I can't wait for your new post ;) there's a new one on my blog if you would like to check it out ;) and would you like to follow each other so that we will stay in touch? let me know :)