Sunday 19 January 2014

Maybe I'll try this new year, new me thing...

It's 2014! Incase you haven't realized, even though we're just about 20 days into it. In my post 2013 I spoke about some of the things I've accomplished last year, which I am superbly proud of but that doesn't mean I don't have a nice list of resolutions to set for myself this year! To be honest, I'm a little intimated writing these all out because then I feel barred to them. And, if (or when) I fail I'm going to have to do the post of shame at the top of 2015 telling you all. Which...would, kinda suck.

So here's my list.

  • Go somewhere I've never been before. 
  • Be less afraid of "going out" and "partying" 
  • Raise myself esteem, and stop talking & looking down on myself so much. 
  • Say yes to things I'd normally say no too. 
  • Stop avoiding people. 
  • Get 100 downloads on my next self-published work. 
  • Kiss someone this new year's (a girl can dream right) 
  • Make better videos for my Youtube Channel. 
  • Write better blog posts on here. 
  • Get too 100 GFC followers on this blog. 
  • Be less of afraid of being blunt about what I want/don't want/like/don't like. 
  • Being less ashamed of who I am. 
  • Drink more water. 
  • Depend less on caffeine to make me feel more awake..and you know..actually just sleep more to feel more awake. 
  • Go to church more. 
  • Get a job, and save lots to hopefully be able to travel a lot more in 2015 & onwards. 
  • Go to more music festivals and concerts. 
  • Stop forcing myself to do things I don't like doing to please people I don't even like. 
  • Be more appreciative of what I already have.
  • Be more open. 
  • Be braver.
Do you have any resolutions, list them in the comments, I'd love to know! 

x Leah Symonne x


  1. These are some dope resoultions, I actually share several with you ;) my main goal is to det out of my comfort zone

  2. These are great resolutions and boy, do I relate to some of them! I've got the drink more water and less caffeine part down. I'd love to go to Coachella. I tried following your blog via GFC but for some reason it's not allowing me to. Strange as I just followed some other peeps and it let me. Maybe there's something up with your code?! I'll try again later. :)

    - Gina
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Beauty & Skincare

  3. I couldn't help but stare at your stunning profile photo, Leli!, you are gorgeous! We share some of these resolutions, one I really want to do is enjoy time alone very well, and experience the beauty in that.

    Very Insightful

  4. I have alot of the same resolutions as you do!


  5. Saw your G+ GFC hasn't been working either. So frustrating when that happens! Anyway, I like your goals for 2014. Simple and achievable, with a bit of work and discipline.


  6. great post, honey!
    I have such list too))

    please visit my blog) maybe follow?
    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  7. Girl, your posts and your enthusiasm are lovely. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a beautiful comment. You're amazing.

    Resolutions are always so hard to keep. I think making month by month resolutions may be easier to keep because otherwise I forget about them and then I fail by default.

    I'm following you now on Bloglovin :-) Cant wait to hear more about your life as your journey through it,

    Sam //

  8. I found your blog really interesting....!

  9. Great resolutions! I really want to drink more water too, these eyebags should go immediately from my face lol >___<
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? Let me know<3

  10. Great goals, I share.many of them! Thanks for your comment!
    Oriana xxx

  11. These are great. And I think they're doable too. Awesome list. I'd like to be more brave and open too. And holy cow - do I need to drink more water. I'm so bad at it.

  12. great post can you follow me back? thanks

  13. These are great! Traveling is something I plan to do more of this year. Thanks for sharing your list :)

    And thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin.

    xo Azu

  14. I'm trying to drink more water (isn't everyone haha) be healthier and blog more!

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  15. I love your blog! Thank you for commenting on my Liebster Award post, because I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog :)
    My resolution is to dress more girly and be braver with the things I'm scared of.
    I've followed you on bloglovin so I never miss a post, would be great if you could do the same? Daniela x

  16. What an awesome blog:) Love it.
    Wanna follow each other via FB and GFC? Let me know:)

  17. Love your blog!
    would you like to follow each other and stay in touch? :) Let me know!

  18. I can totally relate to most of the things on your list....I going with the NEW YEAR NEW ME saying and I'm actually doing well aha! :D


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  20. Those are some great resolutions. I've been cutting down on caffeine for the past few months, it's not as bad as it seems. I did have a serious craving for all the festive drinks at Starbucks/Costa over Christmas though.

  21. Great goals!

    I've tagged you for a Liebster Award: Hope you don't mind! I look forward to reading your post if you write one! x

  22. Hi Leah thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts. Although I did not have resolutions this year but I did try to savings plan, buy less choose well. Your resolutions are so doable and I want to know if you follow them through. Stay in touch.


  23. These are all fantastic- especially the one about being less ashamed of yourself. The sooner we realize we are all different and all strange, the sooner we learn to accept ourselves, and then eventually we find we can love ourselves. It should be a journey everyone undertakes! For loving yourself opens you up to loving other people with more of your heart and creates more goodness in our wonderful world.

    x Eva

  24. Great new years resolutions.. To be braver, to say yes, to be less ashamed, that's something we all have to learn... I aswell as many others, has to learn to love myself, see myself through the eyes of people who love me. Your blog is wonderful and iinspiring!

  25. this is a lovely post! :)

  26. this was really inspiring!!

  27. Hi, we share similar resolutions and boy, am i glad to have found your blog. You have got a new follower in me. hope you follow me back. check out my blog, please!!

  28. Great resolutions! Hope you are keeping them :)

  29. Looks like you are coming along nicely with those resolutions, I just became GFC member 101! Keep up the good work I look forward to reading more, Clare x
    Bee Happy and Healthy