Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Where do I even begin when talking about 2013. What a year this has been. From the beginning of the year, I knew this was going to be a HUGE year of change, and man oh man has it been. It's crazy how much has gone on in this year. The good, the bad & the ugly. I've been excited to write this post from January because I just knew a lot would go on this year, and now that it's come to a close, I'm just stoked to say, goodbye 2013 & here's to 2014!

WARNING: This post will be long and nostalgic so, proceed with caution... & chocolate.

At the top of the year I started my YOUTUBE channel, and posted THIS first video. When I started I expected a decent 3 subscribers & a whopping ten views & I achieved them! LOL. It's been such an awesome adventure and I'm really happy for the people that have taken time out of their life to pay attention to my videos. Thanks to the help of Shanna Malcolm, another Jamaican youtuber. Also, I'm so happy for the friends I've met this year. Lisa, Abby, Ana, Jill, Ruxandra (one of my first subscribers). Also my friends Domo, Chan and Kyra who joined me in videos such as California Girls by Katy Perry, Help Save South America & the Jellybean challenge video .

Before all this, what many of you might not know I was still (somewhat) on the internet, self-publishing some pieces I've written. If you check the tab on this blog Writings you'll see them. A huge accomplishment for me this year, was not only writing & publishing two pieces but achieving the goal of hitting 100 downloads on the story I published called Jesse Ellsworth, which is still available to download. :) (and it one download away from 200 downloads!)

During this, I also met another great author Kate Frost, who I interviewed HERE on this blog, and she interviewed me HERE on hers.

I was also published in a magazine for the first time this year. (Verve girl Magazine)

Later that year, I FINALLY graduated high school & went to my senior prom which you can read all about in THIS post.

Then, I started this blog. I've loved having this internet space to write and reflect and share my photography. It's been awesome talking to people, and meeting people & reading the lovely comments you all leave.

THEN, BAM BAM TURKEY & HAM I moved to university. I showed you all around my new town HERE and my room HERE .

It certainly has been an experience, and it has allowed me a bit of freedom, and to take a trip to Quebec with my friends which I wrote about HERE.

More recently I've also started interning for . Feel free to go over there, and check out the site! I'm enjoying getting to put content on that website too.

Now, despite how things may look, 2013 wasn't a perfect year for me. I've just made a conscious decision to try & not reflect on those things because.. what's the point? They've happened & there isn't a thing I can do about them. They've changed my perspective on certain people, but in the end they've helped me grow. I'm a different, smarter person than I was at the beginning of the year, and I'm excited to learn new things.
I didn't achieve all my resolutions and didn't accomplish everything I set out to, but that's okay. I've got 2014, right? :)

I'm also excited for all the new things I'll do in 2014, and hopefully things I can improve on with myself. I plan to publish more of my work, that hopefully you all will be open to downloading and working on this blog, myself, my content and school. 2013 I laid a lot of foundation that I'd like to start building on in 2014. Seems like a decent resolution right?

Anyways, thank you all for reading & coming on 1/2 of my 2013 journey with me. I can't wait to show you what's in store for 2014 and all that. Have a blessed new years, and a prosperous 2014!


x Leah Symonne x


  1. What a good resolution! I laughed out loud when seeing our hangout picture up there :D such a pretty graduation photo! xx

  2. Commencing all goodness of 2014 to begin ... now :)

  3. I can totally relate to you I graduated from high school this year too and leaving behind the place I've been at for the past 4 years and beginning college has made 2013 one of the most "change filled" years!!

  4. Goodluck with 2014. I hope it'll be as great as 2013. You've achieved a lot during the past year, and you can still achieve tons more this year. Happy new year!

  5. I hope you had a splendid holidays :)

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    Stay beautiful xxx

  7. I love your graduation picture! And that cute jar :D
    I wish you a haapy new year! :D

  8. Cutes post, congrats on graduating haha :)
    Its always fun to look back on stuff.
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    Stay beautiful doll xoxo