Thursday 26 December 2013

It's been a Merry Christmas

And now it's time for a jolly boxing day!

So yeah I know I made THIS post about it "feeling like Christmas" but now I'm back home in Jamaica, so I guess..what does Christmas really feel like? Not snow, and cold weather, but relaxing family & friend time. Because I'm no longer at school up in Canada, where I took those I'm now in the warm tropics I call home enjoying being able to wear my tank tops in the "winter".

So Christmas Day was yesterday, and I can honestly say I've enjoyed it. It was such a chilled day, and I got to eat and drink half my body weight.
By the way, what I'm drinking is a Jamaican Christmas drink called Sorrel, not red wine, or anything remotely fancy & red. As I am not fancy...or red.
I went a little snap happy, and took lots of pictures of myself & my family (who are sadly weary about making a feature on my blog, so you won't be meeting them right now).

I just love the whole vibe of Christmas. It's like for a whole day the world just stops. There is such a stillness in the air. Life is normally so busy and streets are so loud, but on Christmas it feels like everyone's just pressed pause on life for a bit. Especially since the lead up to Christmas is even more manic than any other time of the year.

Please tell me all about your Christmas, or if you don't celebrate it how your <insert other holidays around this time here> went, or just generally how your December 25th was.

Now, tomorrow the 27th is my birthday.  I turn 18. Yes, I become legal. Right when Justin Bieber retires, dammit.


x leah symonne x


  1. Seems like you had a lovely christmas :) I love that everything slows a bit down and you spend some quality time with your family, too! haha you'll be legal soon, whoop, so you're legal to come to europe :P x

  2. you're in Jamaica now...awesome
    love sorrel....I thought you older than 17 lol

  3. Great pictures Leah :) Happy birthday! And what is Justin Bieber retiring :O

  4. Three cheers for Sorrel :) Woop Woop Woop!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! Thanks for leaving that lovely comment on my blog!:) x
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