Tuesday, 29 October 2013

You make me smile, even just for a while..

So I guess this post is as close as I'll ever get to a "favourites" post. It's just a couple things, moments & people that have made me smile over the last few bits of my life. 

First: Me and my sister having fun at the park. It was just a nice, fun, chilled day & we got to have fun at the park with a frisbee. Who doesn't love a good right of frisbee?

Second: My doggy. I just got him at the start of this year & he is literally my bundle of pride & joy. I miss him so much. I wish I could've just smuggled him off to school with me. :( 

Third: My toms. They have (no joke) become the only pair of shoes I swear. Despite the face that Toms donates a pair when I bought them, they are also the most comfortable shoes ever. I hope to have lots more adventures in those babies. 

Fourth: My beats! Again, these are a part of a charity. Product (RED) so money was donated to Aids in Africa when I bought them. They are great headphones, and since music is my hobby (I literally never watch TV) it's nice to have quality headphones in my favourite colours to keep me happy. 

Fifth: My little sister's guinea pig. I have such a soft spot for animals. Especially rodents and dogs. I've had pet rabbits in the past & just love them. Her hair is so soft, and she's just the sweetest little piggy in the world. 

And last but not least my camera. This has undoubtedly been one of the best gifts I've gotten. Ever. Without it, to be perfectly honest I don't think this blog or my Youtube Channel would exist. Having this blog & my youtube has changed my life in so many ways, and made my life so much more fun that now I can't imagine not having this little internet space, my Youtube & all you lovely people who read & comment in my life. 

It's been a journey & I'm so excited to keep on sharing it with you all! Thank you loads & see you soon!

Do you have any favourites or just a collection of things that make you happy? Let me know! 

x Leah Symonne x 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

You betta work if you want it

I've lately been up to eyeballs in work, and assignments. Honestly, I feel like it's NEVER ENDING. I want to spend all my time watching youtube videos, making youtube videos & blogging. Is that too much to ask?
Mind you, despite having tons of work to do, I am still finding time to blog. Call me Overlord Procrastination. I've legitimately made an art out of not getting anything done.
Aside from this, I've also just had a lot on my mind. Trying to sort a lot of things out at one time,  & just feeling stressed. However, I'm excited about next week as I will be off school for the week with significantly less to do & I can bombard you all with my ramblings.

To get my mind off things I usually watch Youtube videos. Recently I came across these lovely people known as CTFXC  & have just fallen head over heels in love with them. It's amazing watching their journey as a couple & if you're looking for a new channel to subscribe to, they are absolutely the place to go. You will love them! You'll laugh & cry as you watch them conquer cancer & brain tumours & just be awesome people.
So, as you can probably see this post didn't have a specific theme, just wanted to get some stuff off my mind, tell you all about some things I've been thinking, and who I've been watching. My word of advice for today that I think pretty well sums up this post is don't give up.

If you have lots of work don't give up on it, get it done. If you want something, do your very best to get it.


x Leah Symonne x

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Just hold on, we're going home...

Do we really want all those things in life we tell ourselves we want? 

I've recently been thinking about this a lot. Throughout my life, it's fair to say I've done a decent amount of travelling. I've lived in about 3 different counties, gone to only God knows how many different schools. Every summer I left to spend time with family in another country. I've always wished for a more stable life, to be able to stay one place for an extended amount of time so I can feel like I live & belong in that place/country/town. 

But in that same breath, every break from school I get I plan a trip. One a weekend I go to Quebec, next weekend I leave again to spend time in Toronto with family. The following weekend for reading week, I plan to leave again. Christmas I go back to Jamaica, and I'm trying to even co-ordinate a trip to do over my Spring Break with the infamous Domo & something over the summer with Lisa. If stability is all I've wanted for so long, why am I still doing so much all-over-the-place living? I now have the opportunity to just STAY PUT & I'm still not doing that. 

I think it's natural for us to do what's comfortable. The idea of staying at school over a break & not leaving...actually makes me quite uncomfortable & nervous. Making me think that maybe stability & staying one place for an extended amount of time really isn't what I want. I don't want to feel stagnated at any point in time. Having something to look forward to, and continuing to swim is what makes my life worth living. Whenever I've stayed one place for too long, I've gotten quite down & depressed about it. 
I still believe stability is a major part of a persons life & necessary...but I'm beginning to think it's simply not a feasible thing for me to do anymore.

I'm too used to moving. It's comfortable. It's familiar. 

I'm curious what cities/countries are you all from? Let me know! 

x Leah Symonne x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

These are the days we make memories..

Hello all!
This weekend my friends & I went on an adventure to Quebec. It was spur of the moment, really. We booked a motel over there, which only cost us about $35 a night per person.
It was amazing fun. Really nice to leave school for a bit, sleep somewhere different (though kind of sketchy because was $35 a night) and just adventure a bit. One of the things on my bucket list for 2013 was go somewhere I've never been before & I've accomplished that! Before now I'd never been to Quebec, and it truly is a beautiful place. Some of these pictures were taken on my phone, and you can see a few more on my Instagram.
Picking which pictures to include in this post was so hard! I took almost 100, so picking less than 10, was quite the task. 
We found a cute diner, we rode in an aqua taxi, walked to the motel (about an hour and half) as well to save on bus fare which is $3.75 in Quebec! 
Honestly, it was an amazing walk though, we saw so much of the town, found parks and had great fun that we definitely wouldn't have had on a bus, or in a cab. Most of the pictures I got were taken on that walk. We only went for the weekend & Sunday was quite rainy, cold & miserable, so we didn't get too much adventure in that day. 
When you're a broke university student hungry for adventures, you've got to make due.


x Leah Symonne x