Saturday 14 September 2013

Who the hell am I?

So a few posts ago I said I wanted to do something to help you all get to know me a little better. Since then the lovely girls Lisa, Char, LolaHarriet, Sophie & a few others have tagged me in the Liebster awards. It is basically a Q&A type thing & at the end you tag a few other people to answer questions as well. Instead of making separate posts answering all the questions, I've picked 10 that are the most relevant to me & this blog to answer. So here we go! :)

* cue elevator music*

Q: What/Who inspired you to blog?

It's hard to say, because I've actually wanted to run my own blog long before I actively read anyone elses. However, now that I do blog I draw inspiration from Wildflower of Prague, Style the Natives & Lisa's Blog.

Q: What is your favourite food?

All food. Except most vegetables. Oops.

Q: Describe your personality in one word.


Q: What was your first word as a baby?

*texts mom*
According to my mom it was Lisa, which is her first name at 6 months. Wow, before I said mama, or papa I called my mother by her first name. Ain't that something.

Q:Favourite song at the moment?

I've been listening to No Interruption by Hoodie Allen almost obsessively.
(And Till I Get There by Lupe Fiasco.)

Q: Do you live by any mottos or mantras?

"Don't think, don't hesistate curving back within yourself; just create, just create."
"I know I got flaws I know I'm not perfect but all the ups & downs will soon be worth it when I get there."

Q: Favourite film?

Either The Lost City of Atlantis (because Milo is a babe) or the Road to El Dorado (because OMG have you realized how grown up the jokes in that movie are?!)

Q: What is your best blogging tip for new bloggers?

Do it because you love it & don't half ass it. Make your blog something you'd follow.

Q: Early bird, late riser?

Late riser. Oh my gosh, I don't hate ANYTHING in this world more than early mornings. Afternoon is the best time to start the day in my opinion.

Q: Best subject at school?

My highest mark in school was in my businesses classes.

And one for good luck!

Q: Who is(are) your role model(s)?

My mother, my aunt & my father. They inspire me so much to not fail in my life & never forget to help others along the way. & Be nice to people.
They also have this amazing talent of always making things happen when they seem impossible & that inspires me so much.

Now I thought these 11 were pretty amazing questions & I'd like to tag

Wildflower of Prague 
18 Going on 30 
The Analog Adventures

To answer them as well!

x Leah Symonne x


  1. such a lovely post! i love your blog :)

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  2. I love reading your blog, because you stay so close to yourself, to your own personality (If that's the right English. Hope you know what I mean)

  3. Aw, I loved doing the Leibster Award, it is so much fun! It's also very fun to know a bit more about people you like to read :) xx

  4. arent you a cutie!!
    i loved reading this post ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  5. Love that I'm one of your inspirations :o xx
    And no interruption - all the way :D he had a show here in freaking cologne but I didn't find anyone who'd wanted to go with me -.-

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  8. You seem so cool! I love your blog, it's just fun and honest at the same time :) I ended up reading some of your old posts for like half an hour oops.

  9. & Quirky is the best way to be :) Love posts like this and yours was a joy to read!


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  11. Such a great idea, it's nice to learn more about you!
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  12. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog xx I loved reading this post xx

  13. This is very lovely! Thank you for tagging me! I'll see if I have time to do this in the future! Also your blog layout is looking great! Love the watercolour look of your banner! xx