Sunday, 8 September 2013

Let's take a tour of my university room.

So today I just wanted to give a little tour of some of the junk I brought along with me to university. I would take a group shot of the room, but it isn't very exciting & looks a bit like a jail cell. Brick walls & all.

(Also I'm not the tidiest person in the world and it's kind of messy.)

However, I did want to tell the little story behind my Mini doll. My dad gave her to me when I was one year old. I've been on more adventures with this doll than I have with most of my friends. I've certainly known her longer!
When my family & I went to visit Paris, and the U.K. we took her. She's been back to her home (Disney) with me & now here she is at university with me! During my life I've visited a lot of places and been around a lot & it's nice to have this little piece of consistency in my life. My Mini doll. :)

Oh, and the tea mug? I drink lots of of tea & I mean hey, come on. Who wouldn't want a mug that says tea on it? Pure genius if ya ask me!
Have any of you moved away recently? I'd love to know!

And if you fancy it, I made a youtube video about touring as well.


I was thinking of doing a get to know me blog post soon, because I don't think you all know very much about me! So if you have any questions please leave them down below in the comments!

x Leah Symonne x


  1. I can't wait for uni! And aww your mini is cute and I love cute things like your mug! Question for your get to know you post- Are they real glasses?

    Emma xox

  2. Hi!Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I love your room!It would be very nice to do that post to get to know you better! :)

    Only a storm in a coffee cup

  3. Your photos are stunning! Making your room your own at uni is one of the key things to help you feel more at home as it is a big change!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    Head over to to find out more!

  4. I love that Tea mug!

    Good luck with the new uni term :)

    Hmm maybe...

  5. I love the way you take the photos!! And also I love that cup :) x

  6. aww cute photos! cant wait to start uni next year..should probably decide what to study first though! xx
    The Frill Seeker

  7. I love the video! I also like tee very much and have my own kettle in my student room :)
    Enjoy yourself at uni!

    Sofie x

  8. Such a lovely post, love your tea mug :) and I love Minnie too :):

    K x

  9. Aww I love your mugs, they're cute :)
    Thanks for passing by on my blog! I love your blog, I follow! and I also sub on your YouTube Chanel! Nice jail! I'm sure prison has the same walls, like most of schools actually... weird huh?


  10. Hi, please help me. I'm sort of a new blogger. Please check out my blog c: I will follow you, if you follow me ♥

    Pretty please?


  11. I'm moving into my university accommodation this weekend and I'm so excited to decorate my room! Hope you have a gone experience at uni!

    Now following <3

    Amelia x

  12. I had the exact same experience last year when I lived in the uni accommodation for my first year, literally felt like I was imprisoned in a crappy, tiny, ugly room. I did the same as you and brought along my favourite things to try and spruce up the cell but I never really grew too fond of it! sooo happy that I'm living in a bigger flat for my second year! Love your blog, just followed! xxx

  13. thanks for the lovely comment :)

    that story about your doll is so cute!

    xx Jo Betty

  14. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Just about to watch the video now :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

  15. Hahah your video is hilarious I love it. Make more video's, you're talented :)

  16. You were way more organized than I ever was- I made the mistake of bringing way to much stuff to my tiny room!

  17. Think ill have to get myself one of those 'tea' mugs! I know how you feel about the Minnie doll too, I've got this (once) bright pink bear that my dad bought the day I was born, that thing has been everywhere with me, even lost its arm in the process lol - things like that will make your room feel much more homey!

    Enjoy living in dorms too, it's something I really wish I'd have done, it's an amazing experience!

  18. Love the way you did this tour! I'll be making something similar soon:) I'm new to blogging but would love if you checked out my page! Thanks X

  19. I love this post, inspired me to do one on my uni room :) xx

  20. Your dorm is so cute! Lovely little tour!

  21. Enjoying your blog so far!

    You've got a new follower ;)

    black leather, pink frosting xx

  22. My uni room last year was so unorganised and messy, yours is so neat and tidy!

  23. cute!
    what do you study at uni?! sorry if you've mentioned it in the post haha I must've missed it.
    check out my new post about my nail history!

    stay beautiful x x x

  24. Your room seems so much nicer than mine was. Do you live in a single room or? Loving your tea mug :)

  25. Can I just say that you take beautiful pictures? Each one tells a story.
    Sorry for the comment spam but your posts really are nice.

  26. Aww there's so many cute details! The teacup is so cute! I love the Minnie Mouse toy.

  27. Ahah I liked the video and your humor !
    Hope you're having a good time at university :)

    I moved to Scotland one month ago to study as an erasmus student during one year. It's such a wonderful experience ! Not living at university accomodations but in a flatshare near the uni so I met loads of new people that's amazing !

    Oh, and you are so lucky to study in Canada§ Wanna go back there so much ! Experienced Canadian life during one semester and it's unforgettable !

    Christie, xx.